New! Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker Stainless Steel Filter with Mason Jar (16 or 32 oz) + 1/2 LB Cold Brew Coffee!

$ 26.95

Use this filter system to make delicious cold brewed coffee and steep loose leaf tea for the perfect, smooth beverage any time of year!  Coffee and tea made through this system is good for you and the environment.  Did you know that cold brewed coffee has a lower acidity level, which is good for your teeth and your stomach.  Because it’s never been heated, the chemistry isn’t changed, you can save it in your fridge for a week or two and the taste is never altered.

Cold brewed tea is also lower in tannins and therefore provides a smoother drink.  Loose leaf tea is better for the environment because it uses fewer resources by skipping the bag and tag.  You can compost your leftover grounds and tea leaves for a richer garden. 1/2 Lb Dark Cold Brew Coffee Free with Order!! Comes in 16 oz or 32 oz


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