Japan Sencha Green Tea - mild in flavor, light in body ,this well-known green loose tea has a rich green color with a pleasant, sweet taste. Japan Sencha Green also has great health benefits, it's low in caffeine, helps to remove free radicals in the body, helps in reducing cholesterol and is also known to have antiviral, antibacterial and sterilizing effects in the body. Can also be enjoyed as an ice tea.
Japan Sencha Green Tea - 1 lb (16 oz)
$ 6.00
Ward's Matcha Tea Powder is made with 100% Matcha Tea! Matcha is a Japanese tea that has been used in traditional ceremonies for centuries. Mix this tea powder with your favorite smoothies, mix it with ice and water for a cold matcha tea, or serve it hot with steamed milk for a Matcha Latte! Matcha tea has been known to relieve stress and keep you focused. It is high in antioxidants and not to mention the great taste - It's an all around winning Tea!
Matcha Green Powder Tea - 1 lb (16 oz)
$ 8.95

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