Coffee Time in a Different Time

Robert Sommer

Most people know that coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world next to water. Coffee creates socialization. We meet with friends, lovers, have meetings, people watch, create ... are just a few examples to this endless list, and all of this is done over a cup of coffee. From the time you make, buy or are given a cup of coffee there usually is some sort of interaction- socialization. Now I know your probably saying "but I make may coffee at home and I love that quiet time by myself" Yes this is what I call self socialization- where you make yourself social with your head, a book, magazine etc...  but now with the current situation Covid-19 I'm starting to feel that socialization is not so social anymore. The TV blarring, kids screaming, house a mess, dog barking, your husband or wife throwing knives with every look, it's enough to make your head explode x 2. This virus has changed everything in everyones daily routine right down to socialization.

Who knows when this will all end?- nobody knows is my opinion. But through it all  at the end of the day or the beginning you will have your coffee and it's loyal to you. Everyday it will be waiting to be brewed, mixed and consumed by you and millions of others. 


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