Featuring one of the fastest heat up times available for a dual boiler machine, the Lelit Elizabeth provides fantastic temperature control with easy an easy to navigate digital PID. The Lelit Elizabeth allows you to not only adjust brew and steam temperature via the PID but also allows the user to program pre-infusion time. Another great feature with the Elizabeth, not commonly seen with espresso machines, is the ability to program timed shots. Once programmed, the Elizabeth will begin and end extraction with just the push of a button.


Meet the newest addition to our Lelit family! Introducing the compact, dual boiler, Elizabeth V3 with built-in PID. On this machine you are able to control your pre-infusion through the PID, a feature that not many of our other machines in this price range offer.

The Lelit Elizabeth is unstoppable with its PID and built-in shot timer, compact size, robust build quality, pre-infusion, and volumetric dosing. You would be hard pressed to find another more affordable home espresso machine in this price range that can produce cafe-quality shots.


  • Pre-infusion
  • Illuminated pressure gauge
  • Multi-directional, No burn steam wand
  • LCC (Lelit Control Center)
  • Built in shot timer
  • Ability to shut off steam boiler
  • 41 watt vibratory pump
  • 2.5 liter BPA free water reservoir
  • 58mm brass brew group
  • Easy to access expansion valve
Lelit Elizabeth V3

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