Casadio Enea On Demand Commercial Coffee Grinder

Founded in Italy, 1950, Casadio has built up a reputation for producing powerful, consistent, and long-lasting espresso machines and coffee grinder-dosers that thrive in commercial environments.

Today, Casadio is part of the Gruppo Cimbali, a leader in the design and production of professional espresso machines with a global presence in over 100 countries. Its production facilities in Milan, Bergamo, and Cremona manufactures an average of 200 machines a day.

Casadio has always been regarded as a manufacturer of reliable and durable equipment. It offers a complete line of professional and high-quality grinder-dosers that stand out in terms of performance and design. The driving force behind the company’s success is the value they place on innovation and reliability which led them to become one of the main players in the industry.

Enea On Demand

The Casadio Enea On Demand is a fully automatic coffee grinder that can instantaneously and directly deliver grinds for single and double portafilters. It is the perfect companion to any commercial espresso machine.

Safety Switch

Enea’s hopper can hold 2.65 lbs of coffee beans. It has a unique safety micro-switch that the user can turn on and off. This is to protect the user whenever the hopper is released or added to the body.

Programmable Electronic Dose Settings

The Enea also has an electronic dose setting that gives you complete control over the grinding process. You can set the quantity of each dose of ground coffee and you can also choose between a single or double dose in each serving.

Micrometric Screw for Consistent Grind

The grind settings can be easily adjusted with the micrometric screw. With every adjustment, the grinding time of the coffee doses is automatically adapted based on the pre-set grind settings. This ensures an accurate and consistent grind every time.


Features of the Enea On Demand:

  • Instantaneous, electronic grinder that freshly grounds the set doses directly into the filter-holder
  • Flat grinding burrs; 64 mm.
  • Micrometric screw for grinding adjustment: value on the display
  • Electronic dose setting. Single and double doses can be independently programmed.
  • Exclusive dose self-adjustment system according to granulometry variations
  • Height-adjustable fork. You don’t need to hold the filter holder.
  • Hopper safety micro-switch
  • Available with or without the coffee tamper
  • Easy to clean magnetic waste tray catches any excess grinds
  • Backlit LED display simplifies calibration process with precise timing measurements
  • Durable die-cast chrome painted body


Output g/s* 1.7
Hopper capacity (lb) 2.65
Diameter grinding burrs (mm/in) 64 / 2.5
Width x Depth x Height (in) 7.6 x 14.5 x 20.1
Max Power at 115-120V~ 60Hz (A) 2.2
Casadio Enea On Demand Commercial Coffee Grinder

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