You want coffee and you want it now!! This is the brewer for you!  The 10-cup brews a delicious pot of coffee in 3-4 minutes and yes it's piping hot. Coffee brewer comes with glass decanter. T.M. Ward Coffee is an authorized dealer for all Bunn Products.
Bunn 10-Cup Coffee Maker
$ 129.00
You want coffee and you want it now!! This is the brewer for you! Accomodates 1.9L to 3.0L airpots, space saving 9 inch wide x 23.6 high x 18.5 deep, also has hot water faucet and pourover feature
Bunn CW Series Airpot Coffee Brewer
$ 659.00
This single cup brewer can brew K-Cups, ground coffee, tea bags, loose tea and so much more. Small, sleek and easy to use!
Bunn Single-Cup My Cafe
$ 160.00
These airpots are  2.2 liter, scratch resistent and hold heat for 6-8 hrs. Great for a party or small get together!
Eco Airpot 2.2 Liter
$ 38.90
These are the classic Bunn home model filters for the 10-cup brewer. 1000 filters per case.
Filter 10-Cup Brewer
$ 12.95
These are the classic Bunn filters for commercial brewers 12-cup brewers. 1000 filters per case.
Filter 12-Cup Brewer
$ 13.95


$ 8.95

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Dress up your coffee by adding these great flavoring syrups!  Sold in 750 ml bottles  
$ 8.95
The best cleaning solution for a dirty pot! A couple of drops, a quick scrub and rinse, and your pot will look new and your coffee will taste so much better! 12 oz btl.
Urnex Clearly Coffee
$ 9.95
The 100% Ward Coffee Logo Hat is made from lightweight polyester, making this cap easy to wear.  Breathable holes for added comfort. Yes folks it's a winner!
Ward Logo Hat
$ 16.95
Take it anywhere anytime! Instead of plastic or paper bags use this trendy Ward Coffee bag!
Ward Shopping Bag
$ 5.95
These travel mugs are a great way to keep your beverages hot or cold. Take them anywhere, anytime! Available in Stainless steel also.
Ward Travel Mugs
$ 7.95
These Burlap bags or sacks are what our green coffee comes in- if we are not using super sacks. To put it simple- They are really cool! and can be used for so many different things- like potato sack races, great for storing rags, towels in the garage, makes really beautiful pillows, wall decorations and just about anything else you can think of!!
Ward's Burlap Bags
$ 5.00