The AeroPress is a simple method for brewing one or more cups of coffee directly into your cup. Water and grounds are mixed together for about 10 seconds. Then, by pressing down on the AeroPress, the mixture is pushed through a micro filter, using gentle air pressure, into the waiting cup.The brewer produces a concentrate and the cup should be topped up afterward. If you prefer espresso concentrations do not add additional water. Total brew time is 30 seconds. Manufacturer recommends water temperature in the 165 - 175 range.
AeroPress Coffee Maker
$ 34.95
You want coffee and you want it now!! This is the brewer for you!  The 10-cup brews a delicious pot of coffee in 3-4 minutes and yes it's piping hot. Coffee brewer comes with glass decanter. T.M. Ward Coffee is an authorized dealer for all Bunn Products.
Bunn 10-Cup Coffee Maker
$ 129.00
You want coffee and you want it now!! This is the brewer for you! Accomodates 1.9L to 3.0L airpots, space saving 9 inch wide x 23.6 high x 18.5 deep, also has hot water faucet and pourover feature
Bunn CW Series Airpot Coffee Brewer
$ 699.00
This single cup brewer can brew K-Cups, ground coffee, tea bags, loose tea and so much more. Small, sleek and easy to use!
Bunn Single-Cup My Cafe
$ 160.00
These airpots are  2.2 liter, scratch resistent and hold heat for 6-8 hrs. Great for a party or small get together!
Eco Airpot 2.2 Liter
$ 38.90
These are the classic Bunn home model filters for the 10-cup brewer. 1000 filters per case.
Filter 10-Cup Brewer
$ 12.95
These are the classic Bunn filters for commercial brewers 12-cup brewers. 1000 filters per case.
Filter 12-Cup Brewer
$ 13.95


$ 8.95

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Dress up your coffee by adding these great flavoring syrups!  Sold in 750 ml bottles  
$ 8.95
The best cleaning solution for a dirty pot! A couple of drops, a quick scrub and rinse, and your pot will look new and your coffee will taste so much better! 12 oz btl.
Urnex Clearly Coffee
$ 9.95
The 100% Ward Coffee Logo Hat is made from lightweight polyester, making this cap easy to wear.  Breathable holes for added comfort. Yes folks it's a winner!
Ward Logo Hat
$ 16.95
Take it anywhere anytime! Instead of plastic or paper bags use this trendy Ward Coffee bag!
Ward Shopping Bag
$ 5.95
These travel mugs are a great way to keep your beverages hot or cold. Take them anywhere, anytime! Available in Stainless steel also.
Ward Travel Mugs
$ 7.95
It's hot!! These travel mugs are a great way to keep your beverages hot and tasting good while you're on the go!! Take them anywhere, anytime! Makes a great little gift with a pound of coffee or tea!
Ward Travel Mugs
$ 7.95
These Burlap bags or sacks are what our green coffee comes in- if we are not using super sacks. To put it simple- They are really cool! and can be used for so many different things- like potato sack races, great for storing rags, towels in the garage, makes really beautiful pillows, wall decorations and just about anything else you can think of!!
Ward's Burlap Bags
$ 5.00