Amaretto cordials have a liquid amaretto center surrounded with rich dark chocolate. A classic desert chocolate!
Amaretto Cordials
$ 10.99
Black licorice an old fashion candy with big flavor. Just remember the days when you were young and went to the local candy store to buy these treats- it made you happy for hours and we bet it still will!
Black Licorice Bites
$ 4.29
Blackberry brandy cordials have a liquid blackberry flavored center surrounded by dark chocolate. Yum!
Blackberry Brandy Cordials
$ 10.99
Melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness! Old Fashion peppermints in time for the holidays or all year round. Once you try one- you'll be hooked!
Bob's Soft Peppermints
$ 4.95
A variety of raisins, peanuts, and almonds covered in milk and dark chocolate.You fall in love with this mix and probably won't want to share it with anyone!!
Chocolate Bridge Mix
$ 7.99
Milk chocolate covered pretzels .
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
$ 4.19
Freshly roasted peanuts covered in rich milk chocolate. Who can't resist this classic combination. Great snack, ice cream topper, great in trail mix or just on their own!
Chocolate Peanuts
$ 5.99
Chocolate pecans combined with milk choclate. These two combinations make such a wonderful treat! We bet you can't eat just one! 
Chocolate Pecans
$ 11.69

Chocolate Raisins

$ 5.49

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California raisins covered in a smooth, rich and creamy chocolate. Rated one of the best sweets in the world! Also available in sugar free. Great by themselves or mixed in with trailmix or other nuts.
Chocolate Raisins
$ 5.49
1 1/2 lb assortment of chocolate-coated fruits, yogurt raisins, and chocolate peanuts.
Chocolate Yogurt Sampler
$ 10.99
Macadamia nuts and the richest milk chocolate. This sweet and nutty combination will have you coming back for more!
Chocolate-Covered Macadamia Nuts
$ 12.99
Your classic all-time favorite snack kicked up with chocolate
Chocolate-Covered Sunflower Seeds
$ 5.29
Yes folks it's here! Old Fashioned Christmas Candy. This is the candy that will bring back sweet memories. All the flavors, shapes and sizes both hard and filled.
Christmas Candy Hard and Filled
$ 5.99
If you love COCONUT, you'll fall in love with these...
Coconut Macaroons
$ 6.59
A tasty treat...that's good for you!! Rich, dark chocolate with California almonds on the inside bursting with flavor.
Dark Chocolate Almonds
$ 9.95
Jumbo cashews roasted and covered in dark chocolate. Fresh Jumbo Cashews covered in over 52% rich creamy dark chocolate- nothing could be better!
Dark Chocolate Cashews
$ 11.69
Rich dark chocolate covers these dark roasted espresso beans making them one of the best treats on earth! We use only the finest chocolate and arabica beans when making are little goodies.
Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans
$ 10.95
Delicious dark chocolate-covered whole dried cherries will make your mouth water with every bite. Dark rich chocolate combined with tangy-tart cherries makes a great combo that will keep you coming back for more! 
Dark Chocolate-Covered Cherries
$ 9.99
This imported crystallized ginger is ideal for snacks and tea. It also great for calming the stomach.
Ginger -Crystalized
$ 5.59
Sweet and fun to eat--gummy bear treats!
Gummy Bears
$ 3.29
Pretzel shaped graham crackers. Great little snacks that pack great flavor in every bite!!!
Honey Graham Pretzels
$ 5.29
You can blow bubbles all day!
Jumbo Gum Balls
$ 4.89
Milk chocolate coated malted balls. The old fashion treat! Rich milk chocolate with a creamy malt inside- ohhh so good!!
Malted Milk Balls
$ 5.95
Jumbo cashews roasted and covered in milk chocolate. Fresh Jumbo Cashews covered in rich creamy milk chocolate- nothing could be better!
Milk Chocolate Cashews
$ 10.69
Lentil shaped mint chocolate disks with a sugar coating. YUM!!
Mint Lentils
$ 10.99
A mixture of peanuts, sugar, honey and molasses.
Peanut Brittle
$ 3.29
Red licorice an old time treat! Australians finest red licorice! A little bit bigger than the traditional licorice bit, but booming with old time flavor!!
Red Cherry Licorice Australian
$ 5.29
Red licorice an old time treat! Put a smile on your face just like when you were young with these great tasting candies.
Red Cherry Licorice Bites
$ 4.29
An old school sweet that can never be forgotten!
Red Dollars
$ 4.29
Rum cordials have a rum flavored center surrounded by rich dark chocolate a yummy treat!!
Rum Cordials
$ 10.99

Sour Patch Candy

$ 4.09

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Available in Fuzzy Peach, Sour Patch Kids and Watermelon--all sour but with real fruit flavor.
Sour Patch Candy
$ 4.09
Sweet, Sour and Tart all in one
Sour Patch Kids
$ 4.09
Sour Patch Watermelon sour with a real watermelon flavor
Sour Patch Watermelon
$ 4.09
Imported assorted flavored Swedish Fish. A great chewy little treat shaped like a fish in assorted flavors. These are the real deal!
Swedish Fish
$ 5.99
Pretzels crispy and salty dipped in yogurt. A great little snack anytime of the day!
Yogurt Covered Pretzels
$ 5.09
The California raisins in a yogurt mixture.
Yogurt Raisins
$ 6.49
This exciting new candy is a perfect combination of mouth-watering chocolate covered pecans and the classic M&M's candy you grew up with. Try it we know you are gonna love it! ON SALE ( $7.25 lb) NOW $5.99 lb !!!!!
YoYo- Z Mix- ON SALE!! ($7.25) NOW $5.99 lb!!
$ 5.99

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