Albert's Fruit Chews are the candy definition of retro-chic! These chewy confections are a celebration of vibrant flavors and sweet moments. Dive into the joy of fruitiness with each chew.

Albert's Fruit Chews bring a rainbow of flavors to your taste buds. Whether you're craving the crisp sweetness of green apple, the bold tang of blue raspberry, the juicy goodness of peach, the timeless delight of grape, or the classic charm of strawberry, we've got them all. Each flavor is a delightful journey of taste.

These chewy candies are perfect for any sweet moment in life. From everyday snacking to special celebrations, Albert's Fruit Chews add a burst of fruit-fun that everyone can enjoy. Their chewiness and variety of flavors make them an all-time favorite.

Albert's Fruit Chews have been a beloved choice for those who cherish a fruity twist. Their irresistible flavor combinations and chewy texture have made them a go-to treat for all generations. A sweet reminder that simple pleasures are often the best.

Albert's Assorted Fruit Chews 25ct

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