The Rocket R Nine One is a dual boiler espresso machine with a saturated group head, PID temperature control, shot timer, and a rotary pump that can be direct plumbed or run on its internal reservoir. It features manual and programmable pressure profiling, allowing you to save up to 5 coffee recipes via the control knob or the color touchscreen.


  • Saturated group head
  • Manual and programmable pressure profiling
  • Ability to save up to 5 recipes
  • Volumetric Dosing
  • Auto on/off
  • Brew boiler: Stainless steel, 1.9 L
  • Steam boiler: Stainless steel, 3.6 L
  • Reservoir: 1.9 L
  • Dimensions
    Height: 16.1
    Width: 19.9
    Depth: 16.9
    Weight: 105
    Material: Stainless steel
    Drainable Drip Tray: Yes
    Water Reservoir
    Reservoir or Plumbed: Both
    Capacity: 2.5 L
    Removable: Yes
    Low Water Shutoff:
    Steam Wand
    No Burn (Insulated): No
    Temperature: Digital Temperature Control
    Display Type: Digital
    Integrated Shot Timer: Yes
    Built-In On/Off Timer: Yes
    Pre-Infusion: Yes
    Flow Profiling: Yes
    Volumetric Dosing: Yes
    Pressure Gauges: 2, pump pressure and steam boiler pressure
    Cup Warming Tray
    Material: Stainless steel
    Portafilters & Tampers
    Materials: Stainless steel
    Type: 58mm
    Portafilters Included: Double, Single, and Bottomless
    Tamper Included: Yes
    Group Head
    Type: Saturated
    Maintenance: Rocket Espresso cleaning tablets (included)
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Brew Boiler Size: 1.9 L / 64.3 oz
    Steam Boiler Size: 3.6 L / 121.7 oz
    Brew Boiler Power: 1200 W
    Steam Boiler Power: 1400 W
    Boilers Automatically Fill: Yes
Rocket R Nine One Espresso Machine

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