The Cutting Edge

Building on the foundation of the 804, the Ditting 807 Lab Sweet has retained the most significant features of its past iteration while upgrading to a modern aesthetic. Several further upgrades can also be found on the 807 Lab Sweet, such as the change to an electric switch instead an analog-style rocker, a safety mechanism that disallows use when the hopper is removed, and dual-cooling fans to draw heat away from the burrs. Like other grinders in Ditting's 807 line, the Lab Sweet is still capable of bulk grinding, but single-dose grinding is where this machine truly shines.

A Swift Solution

Ditting may have reimagined the Lab Sweet in many regards, but it remains a superb single-dosing grinder at heart. The 807 Lab Sweet also features the ability to grind from Turkish to cold brew settings by way of an easy-to-read, stepless adjustment dial. With close to zero retention, the Lab Sweet is at home in any environment, be it roasting and cupping facilities to medium and high-volume cafes. Thanks to the nearly non-existent retention of coffee grounds, the concern regarding cross-contamination is no longer an issue, and with the ability to grind up to two pounds per minute, your workflow is sure to be simplified and swift.

Sweet & Balanced Extractions

While the Lab Sweet is similar in many regards to the other offerings in Ditting's 807 line, it stands apart in a compelling way. The Lab Sweet features 80mm premium cast steel burrs with special grinding teeth geometry that ensure optimal particle size and uniformity for any grind setting. The outcome is a more uniform particle size and shape, resulting in a more viscous brew that emphasizes balance and increased sweetness in the cup. A folding, adjustable height platform and an included grounds catch cup simplify your workflow further, allowing for a hands-free grinding experience. If using the Lab Sweet for espresso, email and ask us to include a pair of extra E80 flappers free of charge. This will help optimize the grounds and flow dynamics for more traditional 1:2-ratio style espresso.


Manufacturer: Ditting
Model: 807 Lab Sweet
Country of Origin: Germany
Hopper Capacity: 1.1 lbs
Burr Size/Material: 80mm Cast Steel
Grind Speed: 2lbs/Minute at 800µm
Burr Lifespan: 10,000+ lbs
RPM: 1,700 (60hz)
Power: 120V, 500W, 6 Amps
Space Required: 27"(H) x 9"(W) x 14"(D)
Duty Cycle: 45 Seconds On/180 Seconds Off
Certifications: UL, ETL, NSF Listed
Ditting 807 Lab Sweet Retail Coffee Grinder

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