Welcome back PRESTIGE! This iconic espresso machine from the ’70’s is available again with a fresh new design. Modern, versatile, and truly unique. Both versions of the machine come equipped with new brass filter holders and a “soft touch” handle. The overall shape of the espresso machine has been re-imagined to ensure ergonomics and an improved grip. Along with the innovative new brass filter holder, Faema has thoughtfully introduced a brand new LED interface on the front of the machine.

Key Features 

Smart boiler -  increases hot water and steam performance, avoiding production drops also during rush hours.

Traditional Thermal System - adjustable thermal system that guarantees water temperature flexibility, and constant quality.

New ‘Soft-Touch’ Filter Holders - redisigned filter holders to ensure the best ergonomicas and easy grip.

Auto Steam - a steam wand equipped with a patented system, that simultaneously delivers steam mixed with air from air pump to heat, or froth the milk without manual intervention.

Energy-Saving mode - allows the boiler preassure to be lowered when is not brewing.

Innovative Micrometric Spout - a system that guarantees the perfect dose division.

Control Panel - pushbutton panel with LED buttons, and lights on each group for correct ilumination of the working area.


Manufacturer: Faema
Boiler Type: Heat Exchanger
Number of group heads: 1 & 1 Compact 2 Compact
Steam Boiler Capacity: 5 lt 11 lt
Length (in): 18 24
Depth (in): 21" 
Height (in): 22”
Weight: 105 lb 125 lb
Voltage: 120V 120V - 208V  
Amperage: 15 21
Wattage: 2800 - 3300 4500-5300
Certifications:  CE, NSF, UL
Faema Prestige Compact 2 Group Volumetric Tall Cup 208 volt

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