309000 340000

These Machines are Brand New - they were shipped and customer changed order ($3490) Now $3090+ shipping

The Fiamma Caravel model is a Great and Powerful machine that brews excellence with every shot that it pull's. Very Reliable, Durable and Built with high quality components and robust materials. Comes with Infusion system in each Group Head to guarantee an even and gentle pre-infusion resulting in a delicious and flavorful coffee. Easy to use, big enough for 2 People to brew and Steam Milk at the same time. Tall cup Version with an ample work area that allows use of tall cups under the Group Heads. Generous Cup warming and storage area. Traditional Style Brewing with Semi-Automatic Control ( we also have this model Available in Automatic )

Caravel 2 - Semi TC
The Caravel is a traditional single boiler machine that allows the manual control of drink and hot water portions. 

Fiamma Caravel 2 Group Semi Espresso Machine Special Deal
309000 340000

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