Famma Nau Semi-Automatic Lever 1 Group with Tank Reservoir 

FIAMMA`s most compact machine, designed to work in any environment, thanks to its internal water tank.At home, in the office, bar , karts or other Small Business ( Low Consumption cafe, deli  etc), using the traditional heat exchanger system with the E61 group, which is used in larger commercial machines, to guarantee an espresso with professional quality.


The joy of espresso coffee starts with the extraction experience. Enjoy every single moment with the NAU Classica. Equipped with a stopwatch by renowned Black Forest clockmakers Hanhart, the NAU Classica lets you create your favorite coffee drinks while controlling the extraction time.

E61 group


Temperature stability and classic looks with the traditional E61 group make a perfect blend in this refined machine.


Groups 1

Boiler technology Single Boiler

Boiler 2 Liters

Water tank 3 Liters

Power 1.85 kW

Voltage ~110-120V

Steam wands 1 (360º lever tap)

Water tap 1 (360º lever tap)

Standard colors Black with red Accents

Shot timer manual stopwatch made by Hanhart Chronographen 1882

Boiler manometer yes

Pump manometer yes

Pump vibration

Pre-infusion manual

Dimensions 337x440x400mm

Weight 26kg

Fiamma Nau Classica

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