Honey Spoons - 5 great flavors!

Original-  Pure Bliss in Every Spoonful! 

Made from the finest natural honey, this classic flavor brings you the timeless taste of pure delight. The perfect addition to teas, smoothies, coffee, toast, and many other ways to enjoy 

Breathe - Experience a Breathe of Fresh Air

Our Breathe Infused Honey Spoons is specially crafted with lemon, and mint providing a boost of vitamin C. Let its invigorating blend ease congestion (and) relieve your sore throat. Bring a breath of fresh air to your senses.

Energize -Energize Your day, Naturally!

Need a boost? Our Energy Honey Spoon combines the power of ginseng, gingko biloba, and rosemary. Fuel your body with increased energy, reduced fatigue, improved memory, and enhanced focus.  

Immunity - Power up your defenses!

Infused with lemon, ginger, and echinacea, our Immunity Honey Spoon is your ally in staying strong. Packed with vitamin C and immune boosting properties, it helps reduce inflammation and fights of infections. 

Sleep Well - Drift into Serenity!

Embrace Tranquility and Sleep Soundly Unwind with our Sleep Well Honey Spoon, Infused with lavender, valerian, and passion flower. Experience its soothing effects, promote calmness, and enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Honey Spoons 5 Great Flavors

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