When a customer would call us and ask, "What machine would you recommend that will last 20 years or more, with the commercial build quality, and will still look good in our kitchen?" The La Cimbali Junior Casa DT1 espresso machine was the machine we would recommend hands down. The Junior Casa DT1 has a beautiful stainless outer shell that looks great on black marble, blends in with other stainless steel appliances, and fits under standard cabinet heights of 17 3/4". The Junior Casa DT1 espresso machine has a rotary pump, is very quiet, has programmable volumetric dosing, must be plumbed in, runs on a 15 amp 110-volt circuit, and has the ability to direct drain into the drip tray or not.

Key Features

Many new features have been added to this machine, including the ability of passive pre-infusion, dual gauges, and a new three-hole steam tip with smaller holes which makes it simple to produce great micro foam even when doing small quantities of milk.


It is very simple to activate pre-infusion: hold any button on the display for 2 seconds and it goes into a pre-infusion mode when you make that drink. Press and release any button and it makes the shot without pre-infusion.

The La Cimbali Junior Casa's portafilters are compatible with VST insert baskets in all sizes up to and including the 20g. Larger capacity VST insert baskets will not work unless in a bottomless portafilter.

Technical Notes

  • Dual gauge
  • Built-in passive pre-infusion
  • Three-hole steam tip with smaller holes for easy production of micro-foam
  • Stainless steel outer shell
  • Stainless steel multidirectional steam arm
  • Stainless steel multidirectional hot water tap
  • Rotary pump
  • Direct plumb and drain
  • Programmable volumetric dosing
  • Insulated 2.5 liter stainless steel boiler with Ruveco Teck coating
  • 15 amp

Included with the Junior Casa DT1

  • 1 single spouted portafilter with insert basket
  • 1 double spouted portafilter with insert basket
  • 1 braided water line
  • 1 plastic tamper
  • 1 plastic scoop
  • 1 rubber back flush disk
  • 1 brush
La Cimbali Junior Casa DT1

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