Introducing the new Mazzer Super Jolly V Up! This grinder is packed full of high quality, heavy duty materials like stainless steel, aluminum, brass & copper. These materials are not only durable but also easy to recycle and are eco-friendly.

Since the 1940s Luigi Mazzer has brought his passion for mechanical engineering to the production of professional coffee grinders. Synonymous with quality and reliability your Mazzer Super Jolly espresso coffee grinder is well suited to a medium consumption application. Whether you're looking for a commercial espresso grinder for your smaller cafe or the best home espresso grinder, Jolly grinders don't disappoint!

Mazzer Doser

The 280-gram doser container for ground coffee on the Super Jolly will always have the perfectly ground shot available for you! An adjustment from 5.5 to 8-gram doses are available.

Stepless Adjustment

Extremely common in professional espresso grinders the stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment of the Super Jolly will make you think you've got a commercial espresso grinder on your counter! Its ability to leverage the flat 64mm burrs for limited retention is impressive. When you're adjusting your grind finer, you must always have it running so you do not jam the burrs!

Grind Quality & Burrs

Of course, the large flat 64mm Mazzer burrs assist in grind quality but there are many other factors to take into account. In regards to the quality in the cup, the low-speed cold grinding at 1600 RPMs preserves your whole bean coffee's every nuance. The new hardened high carbon steel are designed & manufactured in Italy by Mazzer!

No Waste

This grinder features a new removable funnel on the coffee outlet , which is upgraded with an adjustable stainless-steel portafilter holder to consistently center the flow of grinders into the basket and therefore reduce lost ground coffee. 

Height 23.5 in.
Width 9.5 in.
Depth 16.25 in.
Hopper Capacity 1100 g
Weight 33 lbs.
Burr Size 64 mm
Burr Material High Carbon Steel
Flat or Conical Flat
Grind Adjustment Type Stepless Micrometrical
Average Output NA
Dose Setting(s) NA
Other Specifications
Motor Speed 1400 RPM
Power 350 W
Outlet Rating 60Hz / 110V (Some Exceptions Apply)
Equipped with Fan NA
Start NA


Mazzer Super Jolly V Up Timer

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