The Profitec Pro 300 is a German-designed dual boiler, saturated group head, reservoir-only espresso machine with a vibratory pump and a built-in PID and shot timer.

Who is it for?

The espresso beginner who wants all the best tools for espresso and milk drinks at their disposal, but in a footprint that fits in their kitchen, in a minimalist chrome design. For those that don't plan on making more than a few cappuccinos or americanos at a time, this is the only machine you'll ever need.

Why do we carry it?

The Pro 300 is a key player in the entry-level espresso machine market. With all the features that most home baristas want and a footprint that will fit in any kitchen, it's hard to beat. Combine that with German design and build quality and you have an investment that'll keep you caffeinated for years to come.

Profitec Pro 300 Espresso Machine

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