The Silvia Pro X was expertly designed and built around years of success with the original Silvia Pro. By adding an additional boiler internally it has given the barista the control they've always wanted, without sacrificing quality or reliability with the Rancilio name. The Silvia Pro X has a unique internal design that allows the coffee boiler to take precedence over the steam boiler, and thus more control over your shots and temperature stability. The group head is 58mm.


Dual Boiler: A 1-liter steam boiler and 300ml brew boiler offer simultaneous brewing and steaming.

Steam, Optional: A focus on brew temp stability keeps the steam optional, only at pressure when you need it.

PID Control: Dedicated brew and steam circuit PIDs offer excellent temperature management, and can be adjusted to-the-degree.

Soft Pre-Infusion: The Silvia Pro X brings adjustable, low-pressure pre infusion for improved shot quality.

Shot Timer: The front-facing PID screen doubles as a shot timer when brewing.

Auto On: A programmable wake-up time lets you set and save the next time you'll need another cup.

Premium Portafilter: The Silvia Pro X also features the upgraded stainless portafilter from the Rancilio Specialty.

 What's included with the Silvia Pro X

  • Double spouted portafilter
  • 1 single insert basket
  • 1 double insert basket
  • 58mm metal + wood tamper (flat base)
  • Rubber back flush disc.
  • In tank softening cartridge
  • Instruction manual
  • Group brush
  • Cleaning tablets
    Rancilio Silvia Pro X Espresso Machine

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